2017- 9th Annual Conway EcoFest

2012 Event Highlights

 Event and Highlights


COLLECTONS of the following items: 

Prescription Drugs (in the Health section); 

Cell phones for the Women's Shelter; 

Eye glasses (for Lions and Wal-Mart Vision Center); and a

Can recycling drive by Veteran's Recycling (proceeds will be donated to help offset costs of the EcoFest event).


Information and activities include: for more details, visit the EXHIBITORS tab on the homepage

  • COLLECTONS of the following items: Prescription Drugs (in the Health section); old cell phones for the Women's Shelter; old eye glasses (for Lions and Wal-Mart Vision Center); and a can recycling drive by the Veteran's Recycling (proceeds will be donated to EcoFest).

  • Cardboard Car Derby 

  • Magic by Faulkner County's own, Donald Wortman

  • Kite show, kite building and flying (free kite kits to the first 200 kids)

  • A Leave-No-Trace campsite

  • Animals; goats and small animals to pet; alpacas (watch their fleece be spun into cloth, too!)

  • Butterfly release

  • A new Health section: a must visit section 

  • Water works — many great water models, issues, and experiments

  • Full-circle recycling education/activities

  • Cooking Demos

  • Agri/Organic includes mock farmers market for kids

  • All types of energy

  • Eco-friendly products — what is available locally

  • The Marketplace

  • Trasnportation: includes a "Gas-Sipper" fuel-effecient vehicle show; car maintenance to increase effeciency

  • Great entertainment

  • Grand Prize Drawing for an Easy Reader Nook (Best Buy)!

  • Drawing for an exciting 4-person float trip on the Buffalo by Silver Hill Canoes & float Service. Rentals: only 1 hour from Conway!

  • Many other great Door prizes!


Cooking Demonstrations; Featuring Chefs from Oak Street Bisto; Chef Robert Hall from Rockefeller Institute; Rebecca Roetzel (co-founder and former associate of the Root Cafe); and more. 


2011-Magician Kevin Barnes to Entertain EcoFest Patrons

Internationally acclaimed environmentalist/magician-turned-educator Kevin Barnes has amazed and entertained audiences from around the world, and he is coming to Conway EcoFest to amaze us! Learn more about Kevin at www.greenmagician.com

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