Exhibitor Agreement

  1. EcoFest will open to vendors  and exhibitors at 7:30am on Saturday, day of festival. All vendors/exhibitors must check in upon entrance and be unloaded by 10:00 a.m. 
  2. Vendors/Exhibitors must remove all equipment and product from park property, leaving space clean and free of trash and debris. Exhibitors and Vendors will be required to recycle. Contact us for details if you need to set up the day before.
  3. Exhibitors and Vendors are responsible for bringing exhibits, which may/may not include tables/chairs (unless prearranged).  Please keep in mind, that we encourage exhibits of all sizes with as much interaction as possible. 
  4. It is recommended that your organization bring a tent (we DO NOT have tables/chairs/tents to loan). Each space in the MarketPlace is approximately 15’ x 15’  unless more is requested. 
  5. Exhibitors agree to notify EcoFest coordinators of any cancellations within four weeks of the event to remain in good standing.
  6. It is the vendors/exhibitors responsibility to obtain any and all permits required by the City of Conway and/or the State of Arkansas, and to pay all appropriate taxes and fees to the City and State. If applicable, vendors must have, ready for inspection, a Food Permit issued by the Faulkner County Department of Health.
  7. All business or other activity applied for must be conducted only in the vendor/exhibitor’s designated space. Vendors/exhibitors may not assign or sublet their exhibit/tent without consent of Conway EcoFest.
  8. All Marketplace vendor’s/exhibitor’s prices must be posted in a professional and legible manner.
  9. Gas generators are NOT permitted without special approval prior to the event from Conway EcoFest. Battery or solar generators are permissible. 
  10. Vendors/exhibitors agree to reimburse Conway EcoFest for the cost of any fines or liabilities incurred during EcoFest due to vendor/exhibitor failure to comply with any and all government regulations.
  11. Vendors/exhibitors agree that Conway EcoFest shall not be liable for any lost or damaged property.
  12. Vendors/exhibitors agree that the services conducted in their exhibit shall be supportive and appropriate to the purposes of the EcoFest, which is to create a highly interactive environmental community festival that celebrates preservation, sustainability, and innovation
  13. Conway EcoFest reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse exhibit space to any individual or organization that does not support the purposes and goals of Conway EcoFest.
  14. Vendors/ Exhibitors agree not to place any equipment or goods in their exhibit that are objectionable, dangerous, or not in compliance with the purposes of Conway EcoFest. Conway EcoFest reserves the right to require immediate removal of any non-complying goods, activities or signs.
  15. Vendors/exhibitors agree to indemnify and hold harmless Conway EcoFest, its directors, officers, volunteers, agents against any and all claims (including attorney’s fees) imposed on, incurred by, asserted against any of the parties mentioned above, caused by any act or omission of anyone, or occurring within the vendors/exhibitors exhibit space, or arising in connection with the activities conducted by the vendor/ exhibitor during EcoFest.
  16. Food/Beverage Vendors agree to:
    1. Sell only the food items approved by Conway EcoFest
    2.  Not use charcoal with fluids or large propane tanks in the designated park areas without prior approval of event coordinators. Given the limited power supply, food vendors using the least amount of energy will be given priority. 
    3. Serve food in or on recyclable or sustainable-type containers. Styrofoam/glass containers  shall not be permitted;
    4.  Provide Conway EcoFest and Conway City Health Inspector with the necessary Food and Health Permits required by Faulkner County prior to the start of the event;
    5. Food vendors shall display tax id, proof of insurance and a Health permi while at event
    6. Maintain clean area and post event Clean up of the vendor space . No trash left behind.

You will be contacted when your application has been processed and accepted. Call 501-538-5878 if you have any questions. Click the submit button to send your application electronically via email or print and mail to: 422 Conway Blvd. Conway AR 72032.


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