2017- 9th Annual Conway EcoFest



Coming from the Little Rock Area: 

  • Take I 40 West and get off at the first Conway Exit, #129 and go West towards the river (this is a cloverleaf exit)
  • Go down to Donaghey and turn right (there will be a traffic light and a large UCA sign on the corner), Go a couple of miles and turn left onto    Prince St. (traffic light)  … you will go through a round-about and continue west (park is on the left)...you will  need to go up to the second roundabout and circle back in order to enter the north side of the park. 
  • To unload; (Watch For Traffic Control Officer) turn into the park near the basketball/tennis courts; you will be directed to your location and then to the designated exhibitor parking within the park. Staff will be available to guide you to your area, and assist you in set-up if needed.
  • Disabled, and those needing assistance or with many small children: limited onsite parking is available at the entrance on Prince street: watch for signs and a parking attendant.  
  • Visitor parking: .  Parking is available on Robinson St. in the Hospital's south lot at the Conway High School.


Coming from the Morrilton area:

  • Take I 40 East and get off at Exit 124, (Hwy 25 - Wooster); and turn right.
  • Follow it all the way through the light and up and over the hill.                                                                                                                                 Continue until you reach Prince St. (two gas stations & and bank on the left), and turn left (east)
  • Follow it a few miles (you will pass Farris Road-Neighborhood WalMart Market on the north side of the street). The park will be on your right. Vendors may turn into the park and will be given unloading and parking instructions from there. Vendors will be provided one on-site parking pass in a designated section.
  • There will be visitor parking around the park area. The park borders on Robinson St. on the southside, and there is easy parking at the CRMC's south lot (on Robinson St. very close to the park). Any of those who park elsewhere around the park, we encourage you to be respectful of the neighbors and businesses. 



All vendors and exhibitors (except for the Derby participants and those with animals), should enter the park on the north side (2200 block of Prince St.); you will be given instructions as to where to set up, and where the on-site designated exhibitor parking is located when you arrive (one spot per vendor while space lasts).

Volunteers and visitors may park in a number of places around the park.  Parking is plentiful on Robinson St., in the CRMC south lot. Please watch for signs, and please respect private property  and open businesses in the neighborhood. 


SPECIAL NEEDS: those with permitted disabilities, needing assistance or with many small children/strollers and such: limited on-site parking will be available in a designated area at the north end of the park (Prince street near the tennis courts). Watch for signs and a parking attendant.  


Directions, Set-up Times, Unloading and exit instructions, and contact numbers by sections: 


Day before (Friday, October 9):  We will begin setup for large items on Friday between 4 and 7 p.m.; Please call 472-0901 or 514-3881 if you need to come earlier with large items or if you do not see a staff person when you arrive at the park.   There will be overnight security on Friday evening, however, we cannot be responsible for items lost or damaged.


DAY OF:   beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 10,:

Where;  All exhibitors/vendors, with the exception of the Cardboard/Derby Car participants and those with animals, should enter from the north side of the park---near the tennis courts; (2200 block of Prince St.).

There will be volunteers directing traffic,  and to help you unload and set up if needed. There will also be  golf carts to help you with bulky or heavy items as we are trying to minimize ruts in the park area. 

Some in  the Marketplace, may find it easier to unload along the East end of the park on Western St.  Those  unsure of how to get to this location, should call or check in a the Information table when you arrive. 

All cars should be moved out of the area by 10 a.m. It is not necessary for you to be totally set up by 10 a.m., just the vehicles that are not part of the exhibits should be out by 10 a.m.  There will be a convenient area of the park designated for vendors/exhibitors to park (One parking pass while space lasts; you will receive this information when you arrive.  

At the conclusion of this event, it is more imporatant than ever to follow the safety instructions you will be given when you arrive regarding exiting the park as there will likely still be many children and people on the grounds.   

We are planning a meeting of exhibitors at approximately 10:30 a.m. at the Main Tent, to get everyone familiiar with the event and answer any questions. If you have an questions in the meantime, please contact the person for your specific area. They are as follows:



 Agri/Organic, call  Debbie at 501 472-0901; Keith at 501 514-3881 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 501 514-3881end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Green Homes, Michelle Teague at mteaguepsw@gmail.com or call Debbie at 501 472-0901

Health, call Debbie at 501 472-0901

Marketplace, call  Debbie at 501 472-0901

Natural Resources, call Allison at  501 269-4119 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 501 269-4119end_of_the_skype_highlighting;

Recycling, call Laura at 501  733-3163

Transportation, call 472-0901

If you have general questions  about the event, or cannot reach someone, please call Debbie at 501 472-0901, Keith at 514-3881 or contact us through our Web site. 


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