2017- 9th Annual Conway EcoFest

Exhibitors 2014

2014 Sections and EXHIBITORS

Exhibitors and volunteers help provide environmental education and awareness within our community.


Purpose: To help visitors discover the real energy costs associated with our food supply; understand the important role of agriculture in our economy and state; learn how to compost (backyard, city or vermicomposting); explore connections of food supply/waste issues/and health; better understand nutrition and food label analysis; engage with those involved with local (Urban) Farming/Gardening and how to reduce the use of pesticides; and more! 


Conway High School - Agriculture: FFA Faculty and Students    
Conway High School - Culinary Arts and ProStart Progam (2014)
Dr. Deb will explore natural gardening - ladybugs!
Faulkner County Cooperative Extension Service
Faulkner County Urban Farming
Google Plus site
Faulkner County Master Gardeners
Heifer International
Toad Fly Fishing  (2014)
UCA Student Dietetic Association
Conway Tree Board
Conway Locally Grown
Urban Farm Project
The Locals
UAMS: Dr. Compadre and students from College of Pharmacy will look at RainForest and other medicinal uses of plants (between Ag and Health)



Purpose: A fun use of recycled products in producing a derby car, 

This year, participants will be allowed to use additional recycled materials. See Derby Rules and Regs for more details!

All participants will receive recognition. Certificates and unique awards will be presented. Businesses, youth groups, civic groups, church groups, families and neighborhoods are encouraged to enter. Besides good team building, education, and even promotion, it utilizes creativity and competition...all in good fun ... total novices are most welcome!!

Helton’s Wrecker Service will be providing our “imported gravity” (ramp) for the race.

 The Derby will take place on the south parking lot of  Laurel Park. Time TBA


Boys and Girls Club
Conway High School EAST Lab 
CSMS/Becky Thornton's Art Class    
Gavin Teague
Greenbrier High School EAST Lab
Helton's Wrecker Service
Hendrix Physics Department
Ida Burns "Scat Cats Choir
UCA College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Zoe Anderson


Purpose:   Education is incorporated into everything at the Conway EcoFest

Our goal is to make learning more about our environment fun and interactive.  Be sure to look for the connections within the many sections of this event. 

Our goal is to make learning more about our environment fun and interactive. As  you move around section to section,  be sure to look for the inter-connections within our environment  as well as the connections to your daily lives. 

Do't miss the expanded Science and Tech's Innovation Alley that will focus on up and coming technology, and how it could be used in our environment; learn about many ways to integrate your area of interest into careers. Hendrix, CBC, UCA, UACCM,  high school EAST Programs will all be represented at the Conway  EcoFest

Families can also learn more about the new Web-based interactive program from AETN/PBS Kids.   [ http://pbskids.org/plumlanding/ ] PLUM LANDING, is a cross-platform, digital adventure designed to engage 6- to 9-year olds in environmental science by using animated and live-action videos, hands-on activities, web games and an interactive mobile apps. “PLUM LANDING" is a unique experience in the digital universe, designed to help kids develop a love for, and connection to, this amazing, beautiful, diverse and dramatic planet we call home.

Hendrix, CBC, UCA, UACCM, Greenbrier EAST Program; the Faulkner County Library, many professional, and others will all be represented at various areas
around the park.

energy and Technology  -


Purpose: Learn more about many energy sources, availability, costs, etc. associated with them. Exploring the pros and cons of all available sources of energy. Professionals will be available to discuss various types of energy sources and look at advances in the field. 

Vistors can learn many ways to save energy, and sign up for FREE energy audits. 





Arkansas Museum of Discovery 
Arkansas Renewable Energy Association (AREA)
 Arkoma Well Analysis and Consulting, LLC -energy poster series  
Central Baptist College; Biology and Science Club
Conway Corp Energy Audit

Stellar Sun

Clean Line Energy
First Robotics
Greenbrier High School EAST Program
Innovation Hub

Stemulate LLC, dba Engineering for kids


UCA STEM Program


Eco HOMES/businesses 

Topics associated with Green Homes/Businesses will also be respresented in almost every section at EcoFest, because the choices we make in our every day lives, impacts so many aspects of our environment (and sections at EcoFest).  

Purpose: Discover practical ways to save money and resources; gain a better understanding of the important role of Urban Planning and environmental sustainable communities.

In this section, you will learn about some great tips and solutions; topics include; paints; lighting; insulation; Electronics; heating/cooling; building materials; outdoor yard chemicals; do-it-yourself projects; and more.

Whether you are planning to build a new home or business, remodel, purchase a home, or just want to learn more ways to make your home and environment a little greener, this is can be a very helpful section to visit. Talk to the experts about the FREE energy audits, how to winterize on a budget ... projects to save energy and money, and increase the value of your home.Talk with a  LEED consultant and independent homebuilder. Explore, compare or even consider and compare products. 


Conway Planning and Development  

Cromwell Architects Engineers 

Interactive Security Solutions  

Home Depot Conway 

Hendrix Village  


Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects: Michelle Teague 
US Green Building Council 
Vilonia Engineering  
Sustainable Solutions
Conway Corporation
Pulaski Tech 



This section will look are some of the ways our environment impacts our health, and how we impact our environment. Exhibits include information on healthy homes (what can trigger respiratory ailments around the home); skin cancer and preventative measures; nutrition vs costs analysis; Medicinal uses of the RainForest and other plants;  farm and food related information; cigarettes; vison protection with a collection station for eye glasses, and more.

A PRESCRIPTION DRUG collection will take place; other exhibits will include  related issues such as  looking at preventative measures to reduce needed medicines, including fun activities programs and how our environment encourages or discourages this; the possible impact of improper disposal of drugs and other items on our water sources; and more.

Topics associated with Green Homes/Businesses will also be respresented in almost every section at EcoFest, because the choices we make in our every day lives, can impact many areas of our environment. 

Ark. Dermatology-Conway
Birth By Design
Conway Police Department
CRMS, Emergency Dept.; AR Saves lives 
UAMS Dept. of Pharmacy
UAMS Environmental/Occupational
Health Dept.
UCA, Student Dietetics
WalMart Vision Care Center
Lions Club
Xoçai Wellness Center 
UCA Chemistry Club 
Crossfit Conway  
Cloth Diapers  
Additional exhibitors regarding health issues can be found in the Natural Resources, Green Homes and Marketplace sections.


Features: Giant kites and Trick Kites in flight. The types of kites flown will depend upon the weather. FREE kite-making kits while they last (make themn fly them while you are at the park!). Visitors are welcome to bring their own kites from home, too! The trick kites will be on display throughout the day 


Park Flemming




Features: This area has grown in size, so come prepared to find great information and treasures!

Ark. Democrat Gazette
Best Buy
Debby Andrews
Equinox Outdoor Concepts
Facepainting by Justin
Hammock Hut
Independent Living Services
Maria’s Homemade Country Fare
Mr. Bamboo
My Darlin Deer LLC
Nancy Goode Lewis
Nature’s Market
Sierra Club
The River is Calling
Usborne Books & More
Marlo’s Fabulous Creations
Arkansas Fish and Wildlife
Noonday Collections


Purpose: Discover ways that we interact with our environment...(sometimes without even knowing it). Get involved in the “Water Works” area that explores many aspects of water issues, including what you can do to preserve the quality of water, watersheds, Lake Conway Watershed project, plus ground water and surface water models.   Learn about many forestry issues including Firewise homes;  Leave-No- Trace Campsites (how to enjoy your camping trip without negatively affecting your favorite spot!).   The interactive cave and the large Ark. Game and Fish Aquarium will return this year. Native plants and the importance of the Jewel E. Moore preserve at UCA will also be there.  The Museum of Discovery will be returning with it great BUG display ... both big and little bugs!! 

Other animal highlights include goats and other animals to pet, and Alpaccas. Also included are, wildlife identification and habitat issues, as well as domestic animals. Arkanpaws will have pets for adoption. 

                                                                      Owls and Raptors from the Raptor Rehab center will return to the Natural Resource section this year! 



Allison Nicholas

Arkanpaws: Animal Rescue and pet adoption                                                                                       (for the safety of all visitors and other exhibit animals,                                       we ask that you PLEASE NOT BRING PETS to this event.                                       We believe that they are important part of families,                                             but the festival is not conducive to having them in                                             attendance. Thanks for understanding!)

Arkansas Envirothon
Arkansas Geological Survey

Arkansas 4 H Programs

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission

Arkansas Wildlife Federation 

Central Arkansas Raptor Rehab

Conway High School Career Center: FFA  

Faery Houses;  Faery Door craft 
Forestry Commission:  includes Fire Safe Houses (Eco Homes)
Game and Fish Aquarium  

Heifer International (also see Agriculture section)
Hendrix Biology/Chemistry 

Jewel E. Moore Nature Preserve

Liz Gron, and Hendrix Science Students 

Nature Conservancy

Quapaw Area Boy Scout Council; Leave no Trace

Sweet Clover Alpacas

UCA Biology, and Environmental Sciences

US Geological Survey



Located in the Natural Resources/animal habitat areas

Features: This area will  have pet adoptions  from the Conway Animal Shelter and Arkanpaws, as well as exploring many issues that surround keeping our pets safe such as: chemicals we put on our lawns, toxic plants, auto fluids, litter and polluted water (that our animals including fish and food sources drink)

Arkanpaws rescue organization will address issues including local rescue programs, animals bites, staying safe around stray animals, breeding with displaced coyotes,  pet responsibility,  spay/nueter, and more.  Donations of dog food will gladly be accepted.

Owls and Raptors from the Raptor Rehab center will return to the Natural Resource area. (Check out their new website at www.rrca-raptors.org)

Alpacas, bunnies, chickens and goats will also be at this event.


IMPORTANT NOTE: EcoFest recognizes that pets are important to our lives and appreciates that pets are part of the family, however, we ask that you do not bring pets to this event for the safety of other visitors and exhibit animals.  THANK YOU!



Robin Stauffer, coordinator




Purpose: Learn about all aspects of Waste: Including Recycling; the difference between the 3Rs and the 3 Arrows; what is recyclable (including glass, motor oil, paints, styrofoam, and tires; where you can recycle within our county, and how to get involved. Experience  making items from reused materials,  and much more. Visitors can explore and learn more about litter issues, landfills vs illegal dumps, cost savings to businesses, and much more!



Carl Stuart Middle School: BeckyThornton, Art classes

Central Arkansas Tire Collection District

City of Conway Sanitation
Faulkner County Solid Wast District

Just Scrap It/U-Pull-It

Laura Traffanstedt

St Joseph School/Jr. Optimist

Virco Manufacturing

Wooster Elementary/Environmental Science Club 

Transportation/Fuel efficient car show

Purpose: Explore the many advances made by our community (green space, Biking and pedestrian trails and parks);  look at the safety issues concerning our children and how it connect to health issues; learn the environmental benefits to roundabouts, and how to drive them; LEARN THE RESULTS OF THE METROPLAN SURVEY THAT LOOKED AT LONG-TERMS PLANS AND GOALS; , and about park and ride programs; 

View some of the top fuel-effecient cars in the conway area; and even learn tips to improve gas mileagle, means to make your older car last a bit longer, disposal issues for auto fluids and vehicles! 


Caldwell Toyota 
Conway Advocates for Bicycling (CAB)
Conway Advisory: for Pedestrian  & Bicycling and Safety
Crain Team Automotive  
Smith Ford
Jeep Owners of Central Arkansas (JOCA)  
An excellent short video on passenger/light rail will be shown (in this section and/or in the Best Buy area in the Marketplace). Produced by Dr. Bill Pollard






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