2017- 9th Annual Conway EcoFest

festival Guidelines and Criteria

We welcome exhibitors and sponsors from organizations that provide products and/or services which contribute directly to environmental sustainability such as:

  • Organic, recycled, or renewable products or services;
  • Ecological services and/or education; and/or
  • Has in place a program that incorporates sustainable practices in its company/organization.up arrow



Festival Exhibit Layout

There are three major components to the Conway EcoFest;

  1. The primary component is the “ECOlibrium”: a highly interactive, and coordinated environmental  education exhibit area geared to all ages. This area will be a balanced exploration of all aspects of an issue, show the connections between each topic, and look at sustainable ways of life.      See Guidelines below.
  2.  The more traditional Marketplace "booths" where those with links to the environment may sell products, foods or services, or just promote their  business as a whole. We ask that participants help educate the public about how your products/organizations are linked to the environment. This will include food vendors. See Guidelines below.
  3. The Cardboard Car Derby-  Gravity propulsion only. This event now allows additonal recycled materials in the construction of the cars. 
    Click here for RULES AND REGULATIONS;  or call 501 472-0901 for more details.

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Exhibit Guidelines


ECOlibrium (educational) Guidelines

  1. You may request as much space as you need to facilitate your interactive exhibit; we suggest a minimum of 20’...bigger the better!!
  2. We encourage networking with the section leader(s) ASAP to help coordinate efforts, and topics within each section.  This will allow for a broader and much more enriching and educational experience for everyone involved. The section leaders and contact numbers will be posted asap. In the meantime, if you have any questions, or want to clarify or discuss your exhibit plans, please call Debbie at 472-0901.
  3. Unrelated candy/trinket give-aways are strongly discouraged. Related information/items are permissible so long as the focus of the exhibit and it's environmental education. Consider links or cards with Web sites for paperless information.     In an effort to keep the Conway EcoFest a non-political event, exhibitors are asked not to wear or distribute materials for specific candidates. 
  4. Petitions are generally not permitted in the ECOlibrium area. Petitions that pertain to sustainability are permissible at exhibits in the Marketplace, but may not leave the specific exhibit without prior approval of the EcoFest board. 
  5. To keep our costs low, exhibitors will need to provide thier own tables, chairs, and tents (unless prearranged with the Section Leader).
  6. Work towards no waste. Recyclable products are encouraged; water with recyclable cups will be free at the event.    Styrofoam and glass are not permitted at this event.
  7. All spaces must be left clean, and waste/recyclables placed in appropriate bins.
  8. Uniform size display posters (with check boxes) will be provided to all exhibitors, in order to help you share your environmental connections with visitors, and perhaps trigger conversations about your sustainable business practices and efforts. Connections can involve energy, water, waste, natural resources, agriculture, health, and many more.  We encourage you to consider these topics and, if appropriate, share how your exhibit might impact these issues. Traditional large banners are discouraged in the ECOlibrium area unless prior approval is obtained. For immediate questions, please contact Debbie at (501) 472-0901 or through this Web site. 


MarketPlace (sales and service) Guidelines

  1. Exhibitors may request up to 20’ for their booth (more if prearranged).
  2. Tables and chairs will not be provided in an effort to reduce event costs. No tents are available to loan out. 
  3. Candy and unrelated trinket give aways are discouraged.
  4. Exhibitors should meet festival criteria set forth above.
  5. Petitions are permissible at Marketplace booths, but may not leave the specific exhibit.
  6. Work towards no waste. Styrofoam and glass are not permitted at this event. Small recyclable cups and water will be free at the event. 
  7. Those distributing FREE food, taste tests, etc.: If any food is being given away at an exhibit, it must meet the Health Dept. codes and post proof of insurance. 
  8. Those SELLING food, must provide a copy of your Health Dept. permit (temps are available 501-450-4941) and proof of insurance; if you are working from a traveling food station of any kind, vendor must provide measurements of vehicle and pictures of vehicle. Gas generators or discouraged but will be considered on a limited basis. 
  9. No Styrofoam or glass products of any kind is permitted without specific approval from the Event Coordinators.  


Food Vendor Guidelines

  1. Those SELLING food, must provide a copy of your Health Dept. permit (1-day permits are available, call 501-450-4941) and proof of insurance.
  2. Power: Gas generators are discouraged but may be considered on a very limited basis. SEE POWER BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS.
  3. No Styrofoam, glass, or oil/fried foods are permitted. 
  4. We work towards no waste; preference is given to those using serving containers that are recyclable.
  5. If you are working from a traveling food station of any kind, vendor must provide measurements of vehicle and pictures of vehicle. 


Fee Structure

All NON-FOOD Vendors/Exhibitors: No Fee as education is our focus

FOOD VENDORS:                            Revenues up to $250; No Fee

                                                    Revenues over $250; 10% charge of total sales

Power and Water:                         see below
Sales Tax:                                     Conway EcoFest follows the guideline setforth by the Secretary of State regarding sales at events.                                                                                       Forms will be available at EcoFest if one is needed.

In lieu of a participation fee, we ask that exhibitors/participants consider helping us share information about the Conway EcoFest by:

linking to appropriate networks you may be associated with, and/or perhaps a short article in an employee newsletter you may have; etc. 

Donations are gladly accepted. Donations may be made through Paypal, mailed to 21 Rolling HIlls Dr., Conway, AR 72032, or made at the event if you feel EcoFest has been productive for you and our community. 




  • Minimum of $10 but will be determined by needs.  
  • 220 Power is NOT available. Power must be prearranged as power is limited, and will be on a first come, first served basis.
  • Exhibitor will need to provide their own safe extension cords.
  • DEADLINE to order power is August 31;  or until power orders exceed availability in the park
  • Gas Generators are discouraged but may be considered on a very limited basis as needed. 



  • If water needs are low, there is no fee for it. We ask that you bring buckets and we will help you transport the water Via Golf Carts.


Exhibitor Application Form

Please read the Exhibit Criteria before completing the application. The Exhibitor Agreement  will provide you more complete information. Thank you.

A panel will review the applications on a regular basis, you will be notified by email or phone when the review process is complete and your application has been accepted.  

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