Agriculture/Organics; Cooking Demonstrations/Challenges

Agriculture/Organics;  Cooking Demonstrations/Challenges



  • how we can reduce pesticide usage;
  • what’s available locally (includes cooking demonstrations and a mock Farmer's Market)
  • the many benefits of local foods (economics, transportation/energy costs, etc.)
  • how to compost: backyard, city and vermi-composting
  • Gardening without chemicals; organics
  • organics & health
  • how animals are used around the world to help fight hunger & poverty
  • solutions to Fire Ant problems
  • Cooking Demos


  • Rockefeller Institute Culinary Program, Robert L. Hall, 
  • Chef 4 Hire
  • Rick deRoque: Meet Rick from the Biggest Loser and learn to cook his (garden) vegetable and chicken chile
  • Conserving Arkansas's Agricultural Heritage 
  • Faulkner County Cooperative Extension Office
  • Conway Farmers Market
  • Master Gardners: U of A and Faulkner Co. 
  • Plant a Row for the Hungry