Natural Resources

Natural Resources


  • Discover ways that we interact with our environment...(sometimes without even knowing it)
  • Learn about the watershed you are in and what you can do to preserve the quality of water
  • Learn the do's and don'ts of camping
  • and much more


  • No-Trace Campsites:  Learn how to enjoy your camping trip without negatively affecting your favorite spot!
  • Water Works Experiments; watersheds;
  • Geologist model of underground water structures
  • Heifer International Animals
  • Forestry Issues/PLT (Project Learning Tree)
  • Wildlife Identification & Habitat Issues
  • Owl and Reptor Rehab program
  • Jewel T. Moore:  Find out more about Conway's own Nature Preserve at UCA!
  • Interactive Cave from Nature Conservancy:  Learn about cave ecosystems
  •  Butterfly release


  •  Jewel Moore Nature Reserve, Univ. of Central Arkansas
  • UCA Biology, Math and Science, nutrition   Departments 
  • Owl and Reptor Rehabilitation Center
  • Arkansas 4-H Center Programs
  • Arkansas Dept of Enviro.  Quality-water division
  • Arkansas Watershed AdvisoryGroup
  • Arkansas Project Learning Tree- Forestry 
  • BSA-Quawpaw area corp council - Leave-No-Trace Camping
  • Conway High School AP Biology -Water Works (experiments)
  • Conway Tree Board
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Audubon
  • Nature Gallery
  • Population
  • Hendrix College; Chemistry Dept.; WAter Works experiments
  • Jim Gunnel, science prof.