Learn About:

  • Energy savings associated with recycling
  • The difference between the 3Rs, and the 3 Arrows on the recycling symbol and how local citizens & businesses impact our community by following these principles
  • What is recyclable and where you can recycle within our county
  • The many new items that can be recycled, AND the things that should NOT be mixed in with recyclables (specifications for Glass included)
  • How to order your FREE blue recycling cart (if you live in Conway)

Experience the Recycling Maze, craft your own toy from recycled materials and participate in science experiments!



  •  City of Conway -RECYCLING
  • City of Conway, recycling
  • DA Cambell; Waste and Recycling
  • Earth Girls Roots and Shoots (Paisley Parties)
  • Girl Scouts of Faulkner County
  • Roots and Shoots Earth Girls: Paisley's Parties
  • Virco Manufacturing
  • Wooster Elementary School: Jennifer Richardson & class