2017- 9th Annual Conway EcoFest

Sponsorship Info

 As an individual or organization that recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility, sponsorship of this important community education event is a great opportunity for you to promote your business, products or services, and personal committment to sustainability! In learning more of the purpose for the Conway EcoFest (see below), we expect that you will see the value in it for you and for our community, and invite you to support this unique event as part of your community involvement and/or business plan for 2016.   
The 8th annual Conway EcoFest will be a day filled with fun, food, music, and balanced education as participants of all ages explore the many facets of our environment. Much like a science  or children's museum, Conway EcoFest is a connected series of highly interactive exhibits meant to educate and engage the participants as they explore the inter-connectedness of our environment, as well as the connections to their daily lives. The goal of this event is to raise awareness in a fun way, and help visitors make more informed choices.

While the Conway EcoFest draws a wide demographic of visitors, most of the event exhibitors are educators, non-profit agencies, and volunteers, with little or no budget to participate in events; therefore, your sponsorship is crucial in helping make this event happen. 

In order to help the non-profit Conway EcoFest grow this event and keep this event free to the public, the help of sponsors - companies, individuals, or institutions who proudly participate in eco-friendly practices in their daily activities is needed, both as sponsors and/or exhibitors.

If you or your company would like more information on sponsoring a portion of EcoFest, please contact us. (501) 538-5878 or 472-0901 or conwayecofest@gmail.com.


Sponsorship Levels

 Sponsor Benefit Friend Silver  Gold     Platinum
  Up to $99     $100 $500 $1000
A sense of knowing you've contributed to the increased awareness of all the participants.


Your organization will be recognized as a "friend" of Conway EcoFest on the website (optional).

Continually recognized during event, along with public "Thank You's.

Framed Certificate of Sponsorship.  
Your logo will be in our event publication, and on exhibit boards throughout the park  

Your organization's logo will be displayed on the EcoFest Website for one year.

+ Sponsorship Level

+ Link to your website.

Your company or organization's name will be placed on all of the t-shirts   




Exhibit fees will be waived for the Eco-Librium, Marketplace, and/or Cardboard Car Derby.  


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3 areas


Sponsorship criteria

Festival Criteria

We welcome sponsorship from any organization that provides products and/or services which contribute directly to environmental sustainability such as:

  • Organic, recycled, or renewable products 
  • Ecological services and/or education
  • Has a history of environmentally sustainable business practices or organizational practices
  • Has in place a program to increase sustainable practices in its company/organization.

Sponsorship may consist of cash sponsorship, media promotion, and in-kind donations. In-kind donations may consist of products or services that have been approved by Conway EcoFest. Conway EcoFest is now a registered 501( c) (3) charitable organization.


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By participating and signing the sponsorship forms, you join with and support the stated mission of Conway EcoFest: to create a highly interactive environmental community festival that celebrates the interconnected web of life, demonstrates present ecological issues and imbalances, and invites and portrays creative exploration of new ways of living that are more balanced, united, and enjoyable.

If you have any questions or comments about this form, or need help filling it out, please contact us via email at conwayecofest@gmail.com , or call 501 538-5878, or 472-0901

Printed forms may be mailed to: Conway EcoFest 5 New Oxford. Rd Conway, AR 72034


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