Stormwater 101: Stormy the Fish

A Self-Paced Pollution Awareness Program For Residents.


Most people do not realize how stormwater affects ourMost people do not realize how stormwater affects our environment or how various aspects of our everyday lives affect stormwater. 
Few, if any of us, set out to intentionally cause pollution or flooding, but often times, we, as residents, unintentionally do just that. 
Through this interesting, and easy-to-understand Q & A presentation, this package explains how we can help reduce flooding, and help to prevent polluting the waters that our families swim in, fish in, and play in; the water that can impact our food sources; and in some cases, the water we may drink from. Stormwater impacts the health of our entire community!
We hope you will find the information in this package empowering and useful! 
With permission from the City of Wilmington, NC, Conway EcoFest has worked with leaders within the City of Conway (Arkansas), to modify this program for our community. 


Basics: Questions and Answers about Stormwataer Runof (Includes Information about Sanitary Sewer vs Storm Drainage Systems; What Water Gets Treated and What Doesn’t)

Yard Waste and Sediment: Questions and Answers about Yard Waste and Sediment(Includes the Direct Connections of These Elements to Flooding, and Damaging Impact to Lakes, Rivers, and Habitat; Disposing of Yard Waste Properly; Reducing Sediment; and more )

 Fertilizers and Pesticides:  Questions and Answers about Their Effect (Includes Suggestions for Better Use of Fertilizers and Pesticides to Avoid Polluted Runoff)

 V ehicle Pollutants:  Questions and Answers about Auto Fluids and Carwash Effects  (Includes the Surprising Impact of Car Wash Soaps on Fish and water bodies; Suggestions for Reducing Vehicle and Parking Lot Related Pollutants)

  L itter:   Questions and Answers about Effects of Litter (Includes its Impact on Flooding and Pollution, as Well as Solutions for Reducing Litter)

Pet Waste: Questions and Answers about the Effects of Pet Waste (Includes Ways Dispose of Pet Waste Properly; How it Can Impact Lakes and Habitat) 

Related Municipal codes (not all inclusive) are located at the end of each section.

For full  details on Conway’s Stormwater Management Regulations and ordinance,  visit: Stormwater http://