Where We Began

EcoFest began in 2009 with community members working in partnership with the City of Conway to help residents better understand recycling and waste issues, and all their connections to health, natural resources, agriculture, transportation, economics, and more. The goal was to create an exciting, balanced (non-political), interactive, environmentally-focused educational event that allowed visitors of all ages and interests to explore these connections, as well as the connections to their daily lives.

In 2011, Conway EcoFest became an official 501c3 nonprofit, and it continues to evolve and engage the public with its annual outdoor environmental festival where fun activities and environmental education meet!

Board members, organizations, and individual volunteers collaborate to bring together exhibitors, vendors, artists, and business owners who incorporate preservation, sustainability, and innovation practices that work to improve the environment.

Educators, STEAM groups, civic groups, museums, nonprofits, environmental professionals, and individuals are provided a venue that offers an opportunity to highlight their actions, policies, and connections and to interact with EcoFest visitors about how their daily lives and choices directly interact and impact the environment.

Future Plans and Opportunities

The 2018 tenth anniversary year was a very engaging and active year for Conway EcoFest . We supported outreach efforts quarterly, grew new partnerships, and hosted one of our largest events to date in support of environmental education.   

The year 2019 has provided many of our board members the opportunity to grow and accomplish great things elsewhere. For this reason, a decision has been made to forego the 2019 festival with a return date in 2020. While our core group focuses on rebuilding our board in the most relevant and effective manner possible, we will continue support of environmental education through existing local efforts.

We believe the mission and message of Conway EcoFest are important to Conway and Arkansas. If you (or anyone you know) has a passion for sustainability, innovation, and environmental education, please consider the following: