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Today's Power, Inc.

By using the highest quality materials, building to utility grade standards, and knowledge of how utility rate structures work, we can customize sound energy systems to extract maximum value for our customers.

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Venture Equipment, LLC

Your one stop shop for all equipment needs on the farm or at home

Chemistry Connection

We hire good local people, and have very little turn over. We are involved in our community and give back through several local ministries.



Jeanetta Darley Art

Arkansas Artist & Blogger | Nature & Nostalgia

I'm an artist that uses themes of nature and nostalgia. I often use recycled or reclaimed items in my artwork.

Arkansas Virtual Academy

Arkansas Virtual Academy will support, guide, and assist families and colleagues in a positive way through teamwork to promote academic growth that leads to high achievement for the entire Arkansas Virtual Academy community.


Our caring team of doctors and dentists offers medical and dental services for every member of your family, from babies to older adults.

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Arkansas Democrat Gazette

State Newspaper Recycled Paper and Ink

Jennings Apiaries

With beard balms, lotions and salves, Jennings Apiaries stands as a natural alternative to beauty products packed with fillers and artificial ingredients.

EnviroPro Testing and Consulting

Environmental hygiene is a science or study of ambient air for mold spores, allergens and any other pollutants not proper or healthy for human beings or domesticated animals. Environmental hygiene also concentrates on mold mycelia and allergens and identifying air particles and fragments.


Books & More

The future of our world depends on the education of our children. We deliver educational excellence one book at a time. We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values. We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.


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Righteous Remedies

Promoting healthful prosperity in our local community while providing indivuals with herbal nourshiment and enjoyable atmosphere

The Evolving Human

Natural crystal jewelry with the thought in mind of the over-consumption that normally happens within the jewelry community .I constantly use recycled copper wire from electrical wires. I also save and recycle the scraps that I produce from wrapping the stones. I use organic U.S.A. grown hemp cording as well as organic cotton bags for the protection of my jewelry.

Simply Elegant

Essential oils have become an alternative to chemical-laden products that are toxic both to their bodies and to the planet. Essential oils are good for the mind, body, spirit and the environment.

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Shiloh Woods Natural Healing Center

A place for healing and also for learning, specifically with herbal medicine and complimentary therapies.

Natural Minds Essential Oils

We offer natural cleaning products, essential oils, makeup, health and beauty products, and more. All of these products are produced on farms or made in facilities that have strict sustainability practices.

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The Land Eco Village

A startup Nature reserve, Yoga Retreat, Organic Farm, Healing center, Kayak Launch point and Permaculture institute located 20 minutes outside Conway.


Darbi Borge and DudzikArt

Dudzikart draws attention to the need of conservation and nature supply also brings attention to the need of conservation of bees and butterflies and local farmers and dōTERRA provides educational information on using essential oil in the garden (that will be the focus). Nature supply gives back to bees and butterflies, doterra is all sustainability and Dudzik art is conservation


food vendors

Green Cart Deli

Arkansas' Most Award Winning Mobile Food ~ Gourmet Frankfurters & Toppings Galore! Biocompostable Solar & More!

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Las Delicias

Home made Ice Cream, Fruit Ice Bars, Fruit Cups, Hispanic Gourmet Snacks, Nieves, Paletas, Yogurt, Botanas Mexicanas, Aguas Frescas

Kona Ice

Shaved Ice and FUN!

Katmandu Momo

Food is a great way of introducing culture and a tradition and we're trying to do so by bringing you a taste of Nepal

Barista for Hire

Catering coffee, event planner, and espresso bar, based in Arkansas!


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